Statue of Nathan Hale looks out over Old Campus.

A statue of legendary Yale alum Nathan Hale, Class of 1773, sits on Old Campus, visible to thousands of passersby each year who may or may not know his legacy as a spy during the American Revolution. Others may walk through the Branford residential college courtyard and stop to read his words carved at the base of Harkness Tower, “I wish to be useful.”

Hale’s words have been invoked throughout the 14-year history of Yale Day of Service because of their significance to Yale’s mission of “improving the world today for future generations through outstanding research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice…” Public service is integral to the Yale experience and quite often shapes a Yalie’s life choices long after leaving the university.

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In considering the ways in which Yalies “wish to be useful” two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Yale Alumni Association, in partnership with 2022-23 Yale Day of Service co-chairs Karen Green ’78 and Rob Greenly ’83 MBA, are harnessing Yalies’ energy for good. Using the mantra, “easy, meaningful, and fun,” the co-chairs’ strategy is to publicize Yale service as accessible for all alumni and their networks of family and friends.

“With Yale Day of Service, the acts of Yale alumni, whether small or not so small, when taken together, can transform the world,” said Green and Greenly. “We learned at Yale that each of us  can use and has a responsibility to use our knowledge to help the world around us. Yale Day of Service provides everyone the opportunity to give back in 2022, whether it’s with virtual, outdoor, or in-person service.”

To help make that goal a reality, Yale Day of Service is getting a new digital home and a new look. The YAA’s website will now host all Day of Service information and activity postings, giving the program a boost of visibility and the functionality of an updated web platform. With this change, alumni will see Day of Service opportunities along with all the other alumni events in a single calendar – and be able to register on the spot.

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Yale Day of Service also is getting a new logo (shown above) as it prepares to celebrate service once again in 2022, putting Day of Service in line with the other YAA-administered initiatives, such as Yale College Reunions.

With the makeover comes four new pages:

“Service is such an integral part of the Yale experience, and Yale Day of Service is our hallmark event to celebrate that unique Yale commitment to giving back and making the world a better place,” said Weili Cheng ’77, YAA executive director. “It’s fitting that it now has a design and presence to match that commitment, and we hope that this will make it even easier for all Yalies to get involved and give back to their local communities.”

For more on the YAA service programs, visit the YAA’s service to community page and check out the service-related videos on the YAA’s service video showcase.