Class of 1960 60th Reunion - Program & Schedule - 1960

June 2 - 5, 2022

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Dear Classmates and Friends:   

Happy Days are here again 
Yale’s class of 60 will reune again 
June 2 through 5 are the magic dates 
So mark them down and don’t be late   

Yale has officially decreed that our 60th reunion will finally take place this coming June, offering us the opportunity to renew old friendships and reflect on significant events that have marked each of our lives since moving on from those bright college years fully enriched with the benefits of a Yale education. The plans for this exciting event are all available on this website.    

All you need to do is register by clicking on the blue “Register Now” link.   

Our reunion weekend starts Thursday afternoon, June 2, with a non-political highly objective presentation by Yale Professor Jennifer Marion on the specific causes of climate change and the known and potential solutions to effectively mitigate those specific causes on both land and water. You may already know that Yale has launched a new Center for Natural Carbon Capture.   

For those who prefer to sample the climate on a golf course, that opportunity may also be available. Climate education or golf will be followed by cocktails and a Welcome Dinner in Jonathan Edwards College, which will be our headquarters for the weekend. 

Friday and Saturday mornings will feature presentations for all reunion classes by various Yale faculty members, as well as tours. On Friday afternoon our class will hear from Jim Sciutto '92PC, an expert on “The Shadow War” being waged by Russia and China against the United States and the west from the outer reaches of space to the deep seas of the arctic.  Mr. Sciutto, CNN Anchor and Chief National Security Correspondent, authored a book on that subject which received rave reviews from James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, and Fareed Zakaria, author of “The Post American World.” Following this presentation, we will then adjourn for our traditional 1960 Memorial Service at the Giamatti Bench. 

Saturday afternoon we will be treated to an impressive presentation about “the written and unwritten constitution by one of Yale’s finest law professors, Akhil Amar.  In short, if you can stand it, we will be stuffed with information and knowledge about major issues confronting the country and the world today.  But of course, the most enjoyable activity – true at all reunions – will be the ability to catch up and renew ties with old friends. 

Widows of deceased classmates may attend free of charge as a guest of the class. If returning to New Haven poses any financial difficulties, there is assistance available. Please contact Stacey O’Donnell, Yale Alumni Association, for a confidential conversation.  

To see a list of your classmates who have already registered for the 60th reunion and would like their name displayed on the website click on the “Who’s Coming” link. The most up to date reunion schedule, and general reunion information will be updated throughout the spring.  

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Yale’s main goal for 2022 Reunions is to maximize alumni attendance while prioritizing the health and safety of the Yale community of alumni, students, faculty, and staff. For the most up to date information regarding Yale’s on campus health policies and requirements visit our Covid reunion policy page

Many thanks for your assistance and please join us in New Haven in June 2-5.  We will all be enriched by a great turnout.     

All the best,  
Rusty Wing 
Dick Sigal 
Reunion Co-Chairmen 

P.S.  Please know that most Class of 1960 reunion communications and Yale University communications are now sent via email. We strongly encourage you to update your email address and contact information by contacting Yale Alumni Records or Stacey O'Donnell.