Class of 1996 25th Reunion - Program & Schedule - 1996

June 9 - 12, 2022

To the Great Class of 1996:

It’s finally time! We are delighted to invite you to officially sign up for our 25th* Reunion!   

We encourage you to register as soon as possible - the more folks sign up early, the more others are likely to jump in and join the party... 

Select the Register Now tab. 
Some highlights... 

Dates/Schedule:  As a reminder, our reunion will run from Thursday, June 9 (Check-in only) through the morning of Sunday, June 12. Most programming will take place on Friday/Saturday; the program and schedule tab has the latest information. 

Lodging:  Our reunion central will be Old Campus!  On-campus housing is now available. Registration for on-campus housing is embedded into the general registration process. 

Fees:  We've worked hard to keep the price of our 25th within reach of most classmates (despite the pandemic-driven cost increases that have pushed event costs up throughout the industry). A summary of fees, as well as information on financial aid.  

COVID policies:  Per Yale policy, vaccinations and boosters are required for all attendees who are eligible. At this time, there are no medical exceptions.  Masking and other requirements will be subject to Yale/State of Connecticut policies.  

Spread the word! Help us reach our classmates and drive attendance!  It's simple; just forward them this email and/or send them to, which will take them right to our reunion landing page! 

Still recruiting: Panels, Table Discussions and Creative Works:  We're still looking for classmates to share or talk about their career/life experiences, and to display their creative works (especially visual arts & film) in our Y96 Gallery.  Email us at  if you're interested! 

Stay connected: We'll be continuing to share updates on a number of platforms.  If you aren’t a member yet, please consider joining the Yale 1996 Facebook group, where we’ll also post updates. To join, go to the page or just email us at  

Looking forward to seeing you all soon! 

- Abbe, Dave, Jongnic, Linda and Ryan  

Special thanks to our volunteer Reunion Team! 

Outreach: Brad Bailey 
Communications: Dave Rubin 
Programming: Cher Duffield, Lindsay Pollak, Heather Ross & Stephanie Rath 
Entertainment: Bertie Ferdman  
Food and Drink:  Dave Kraut, Krista McGruder & Soula Katsetos  
Swag: Melissa Dalrymple & Dave Rubin   

* * * 

BK:  Dave Kraut & Hope Wachter  
BR: Ping Tan & Sasha Grinshpun  
CC/GH: Heather Ross & Jonathan Cohen 
DC: Ben Rota  
ES: Dena Stroh & Wendy Smith   
JE: Ryon McGuire & Doug Foster  
PC: Anant Raut & Darci Madden 
MC: Brad Bailey 
SY: Katie Brandi & Abby Benson
SM: Mike Bender 
TC:  Nan Rohrer & Phil Obbard  
TD: Dave Rubin, Stephanie Rath & Lavannya Pandit   

Affinity/Interest Group Outreach: Michelle Clemon, Doreen Oliver & Reggie Hubbard 

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