About the Redpath Seminars

The Redpath Seminar, supported by an endowment fund established in memory of Robert U. Redpath, Jr. '28, presents  each year an AYA University Seminar in cooperation with Yale clubs outside Connecticut. The Redpath Fund covers all major operating expenses of the seminar enabling sponsoring clubs to use a portion of the seminar fees to enrich their scholarship funds.

Bob Redpath joined the Yale Club of Central New Jersey in 1930, and for over three decades served as chairman of the Club's Alumni Schools Committee. In this capacity, he led hundreds of applicants through the process of applying to Yale. He served as President of the Yale Club of Central New Jersey and, for forty-two years, was Secretary of the Class of 1928. In recognition of his many years of service to Yale, Bob was awarded the Yale Medal in 1968, the highest honor bestowed by the Association of Yale Alumni.

Throughout his life Bob Redpath concerned himself with the process of learning, believing that commencement should be viewed as the beginning of one's ongoing education. With Bob's spirit in mind, the Redpath Fund extends Yale's ability to bring educational programs to Yale graduates across the country.