Volunteer Resources Regional Club Leaders Toolkit


Regional clubs provide local engagement opportunities for alumni, wherever they live around the globe, and club leaders make it happen! Here you’ll find a wealth of information, from programming ideas to sample governing documents, geared toward supporting your leadership efforts. For questions and further details, please reach out to your YAA staff liaison.

Club Programming 

  • Advice, Examples, and Ideas in Event Planning

    Events connect members of your local Yale family to each other, your community, and back to Yale, in addition to helping cultivate new leaders and demonstrating ability and enthusiasm. A good way to start is by engaging your membership through surveys; this will help you to understand the demographics of your group and to focus your energy on their interests.

  • YAA-Redpath Speakers Program

    The YAA-Redpath Speakers Program sends current Yale faculty and administrators to speak to alumni at club luncheons, receptions, annual dinners, and other special events. We will work with you to identify the right speaker to meet your group’s needs.

  • Inviting Student Singing Groups

    Many of Yale's a cappella singing groups go on tour during breaks, and they may also be available for gigs within driving distance during the academic term.

    At the beginning of each academic year, YAA staff meet with the business managers of student singing groups. This meeting allows us to speak with the groups about the association and regional clubs, the role of students as ambassadors of the university, and how they should contact a regional club regarding an event. We encourage each group to coordinate travel among themselves and with the regional clubs within any region to which they plan to travel.

  • Yale/Harvard Game

    For alumni who cannot make it to New Haven or Cambridge, watching The Game with local Yalies can be a great alternative. Many regional clubs plan gatherings to watch the telecast.

  • Yale Book Award

    Annually, Yale regional clubs and individual alumni celebrate and recognize outstanding secondary school junior class scholar-citizens. This recognition award includes an appropriate book to which is affixed a Yale bookplate inscribed with student’s name, date of award, Yale club sponsor, and/or award donor.

  • Community Service Summer Fellowship

    The Community Service Summer Fellowship brings alumni and current Yale students together for a summer of community service.

  • Yale Club/Association Scholarships

    Yale Club/Association Scholarships are granted based on need as determined by Student Financial Services. Approximately 25 regional clubs currently sponsor scholarships.

  • Yale Club Recognition Award

    This award program honors club members for their dedication to Yale through local volunteer activity. This is the opportunity for a regional club to recognize outstanding leadership and service at the local level. For more information, a list of past honorees, and a link to the form to request award plaques, please click here.

Communications & Data

  • Communications Tools

    Please consult our Communications Tools for Volunteers for general advice on making effective use of social media, websites, and e-marketing to reach your club's members.

    Bulk Mailing

    To mail your communications inexpensively and easily, you must follow certain U.S. Postal Service guidelines. The USPS Business Mail section can help you with this information.

    You may also contract Alumni Services in the Development Office to print and mail letters, invitations, newsletters, postcards, etc., to all alumni in your area. Allow three weeks for processing. Contact your YAA staff liaison for more information.

    See example documents in the "Read More" section.

  • Roster Requests & Data Use Policy

    Data use by alumni volunteers is governed by our Confidentiality Policy for Volunteers. Yale alumni information may be used only for club-related activities and announcements. Alumni entrust the university to respect their privacy and the use of their contact information. Our practice of entrusting the information to volunteers stands or falls on volunteer willingness to abide by this policy.

    Roster Requests

    • Rosters are provided by YAA; requests should be submitted via this order form. Please allow one week to process your request.

    • Lists will include basic contact information for alumni, parents, and spouses of deceased alumni in your area. You might also consider periodically ordering move-in lists to learn of new alumni to your area.

  • Data Management

    Please help Yale track changes of address by collecting and reporting returned envelopes and bounced email.

    People move often, and you can help Yale maintain the master database by bundling returned mail and sending it to Gift & Records Services, Attn: Giovanni B. Amore, P. O. Box 2038, New Haven, Connecticut 06521-2038. Whenever possible, please send the actual returned envelopes as they often have forwarding addresses and are much easier for the Gift and Records Services team to work with.

    Email bounces may also be sent to Alumni Records via email.

    Encourage alumni in your area to register for the Online Alumni Directory. Alumni can update their own information and obtain up-to-date address information for classmates and friends.

  • Sample Code of Conduct Policy

    The following policy language regarding conduct at alumni programs and events is provided as part of the YAA’s support for alumni organizations and has been approved by Yale’s Office of General Counsel.

    The language below can be adopted: (i) as a policy by the alumni group by acclimation or preferably upon motion made, seconded and approved and documented in minutes, or (ii) as an amendment to the group’s governing documents, such as bylaws or constitution.

    If your group has a Facebook page or other social media channels, you may wish to review the “About” section of the Yale Alumni Facebook page and adopt the language as your group deems appropriate. For more on social media and social media policies, visit the Social Media section of the Communications toolkit.



  • Recruiting Young Alumni

    Engaging all members and seeking to develop them to become future club leaders is very important.

  • Membership Strategies That Really Work

    Here are some more ways to engage alumni with a wide variety of interests and experiences:

    • Find opportunities that "fit" with people’s personal motivations.

    • Match to what people believe is in it for them: growth, recognition, achievement, participation, and enjoyment.

    • Define what you expect and provide descriptions of volunteer opportunities.

    • Welcome and engage new members and consider creating a mentoring system.

    • Develop your leaders and honor those who are willing to step up.

    • Make sure every meeting is the best use of time.

    • Lead, organize, delegate, and appreciate.