Event Registration Mailing Guidelines

Your goal as event organizer is to provide as much specific information as possible to your classmates in a clear, concise manner. Sending a complete registration mailing will not only dramatically reduce the number of phone calls you receive, in many cases it will eliminate the need for follow up mailings. The mailing can and should include program costs, schedule, hotel information, climate & dress code, and more.

It is extremely important that your classmates receive the registration mailing 4-6 months before the event. This will enable them to take advantage of early bookings for airline reservations and hotel rooms, not to mention block the time out in their busy schedules!

Over time, AYA staff and class volunteers have found the following to be the key ingredients of a successful event registration mailing:

  • Contacts, location, rate and cancellation information for hotel rooms
  • A complete and detailed schedule of events
  • All deadline and cancellation information and policies
  • Information needed for security clearances (particularly important for all events involving US government facilities both domestic and abroad – information required for government clearances varies by facility)
  • Any concerns about events selling out and warnings about first come, first served registration
  • Restrictions on number of guests per classmate
  • Methods available to register (US mail, fax etc.)
  • Individual sign ups for planning purposes such as tours, plays, dinner choices etc.
  • Any information specific to the region – temperature, dress codes, altitude warnings, local customs
  • Information on transportation from airport to hotel
  • Payment information including all partial attendance fees and any additional costs not included in the basic price such as optional tours or plays
  • Method of payment section – checks only or checks & credit cards. Complete contact information to be filled in by classmates – including email address. This is an effective way to inform classmates of any last minute changes or additions to the schedule.
  • Contact information, both yours and the AYA’s, in case of questions
  • A pre-addressed return envelope