Mini Reunion Planning Checklist

This checklist is intended as a helpful tool for class volunteers as you go through the planning process. Your first step should be to read the Mini Reunion Guidelines thoroughly, which includes best practices & further details on all of the items on this list. For further questions and discussion, please contact Karen Jahn at AYA (, 203-432-1954).

**** Please note: Most of the items on this list should ideally be completed 4-6 months in advance, so that the relevant information can be included in the registration mailing to your classmates. Please see the separate guidelines for event registration mailings for more information on what to include.

  • Inform the AYA of your event as soon as you begin planning it (even if the dates aren’t confirmed).
  • Advertise your event well in advance to allow classmates to hold the dates (9 months to a year in advance months recommended).
  • Send a detailed registration mailing – including complete schedule, pricing, and hotel information – to your classmates 6-9 months prior to the event. Please see separate guidelines for registration mailings.
  • Make use of multiple class resources (class webpage, class listserv, AYA webpage, save the date mailing) to help advertise your event.
  • Reserve a sufficient number of hotel rooms for the maximum number of classmates you expect. Confirm all details of the hotel’s room block policy, including release date, because these policies vary widely. Your registration mailing needs to allow sufficient time for your classmates to make their reservation before the hotel’s cut off date.
  • Plan a varied program that provides a balance of cultural, intellectual and social events.
  • Enlist local classmates for assistance in arranging (or arrange yourself) behind the scenes or unique events/opportunities.
  • Develop a realistic budget. Be sure to include all costs – gratuities, local taxes, transportation, decorations, entertainment, 10-15% contingency  and a 3% surcharge for credit card payments.
  • Discuss options for handling contracts, payments, fees, reimbursements, and other financial transactions with the AYA. Most University financial transactions require a lead time of 10 business days. Please see the mini-reunion guidelines (link here to financial section) for more info.
  • Confirm all event arrangements with vendors and service providers in writing. In addition, confirm with each vendor what the total costs will be and when they expect payment.
  • Confirm the cancellation/refund policy for each event or venue.
  • Investigate any attendance limits or security clearance requirements for your venues.