Reunions 2010 Planning Calendar



Reunion Chair

Joint Tasks



  • Appoint reunion committee
  • Attend reunion planning workshop
  • Design reunion letterhead (optional)
  • Initial conversations between reunion chair & AYA staff liaison
  • Plan & organize reunion chair workshop
  • Provide initial attendance estimates
  • Provide draft schedule
  • Make campus classroom reservations
  • Camp Bulldog development


  • “Kick-off” cover letter submission deadline by October 16. Will mail to entire class (and widows, if desired) in early November.
  • Set dates for pre-reunion regional gatherings & recruit local organizers


  • Review draft schedule & discuss class-specific elements
  • Preliminary budget from AYA
  • Headquarters assignments announced (possibly November – dependent on University Facilities Committee)
  • “Kick-off” sent to classmates; contains information & codes for hotels
  • Online “Who’s planning to attend” response option activated on AYA Web site


  • 1st Reunion Committee meeting/conference call re: class program (entertainers, speakers) & souvenirs
  • Review potential faculty speakers with AYA
  • Invite outside (non-Yale) speakers, if any
  • Yale Alumni Magazine deadline for class notes in January/February issue is November 6.
  • Meeting/conference call with Catering to discuss proposed menus (may go into December)
  • Invite faculty speakers (sometimes held off until 2nd semester)
  • Check availability of entertainers & ask for contracts


  • Friday Lectures & “Morning at Yale” program development
  • Camp Bulldog contract, logistics & campus reservations
  • Planning with Catering & Custodial Services
  • Contact Whiff & Whim groups for Celebration
  • Post and update “Who’s planning to attend” lists on the AYA Web site


  • Formulate class panel topics (or other classmate talent) & invite classmate participants
  • Investigate souvenir possibilities


  • 1st Registration design & layout
  • Friday Lectures & “Morning at Yale” speaker invites


  • 2nd Reunion Committee meeting/ conference call re: final class program & souvenirs
  • Final menu approval
  • Submit all class program details for budgetary purposes
  • January 15: deadline for 1st registration, to be mailed or emailed in late February.  Contents:

1) Cover letter containing “highlights” and explaining financial aid
2) Preliminary program schedule
3) Reunion fees (including all partials)
4) Encouragement to widows (may be separate communication)

  • Submit entertainment & outing contracts to AYA for review & payment
  • YAM deadline for class notes in March/April issue is January 8.
  • Outside speaker travel arrangements
  • Development of budget details
  • Review preliminary budget and set reunion fees with class officers’ approval by January 15
  • Discuss souvenirs: how many? what sizes? when to order? where to deliver?
  • Tent & furniture vendor contracts
  • Audio-visual vendor contracts
  • AYA reunion registration mailing and website preparation
  • Reserve residential college master’s suites for chairs
  • Student “head clerk” hiring and training


  • Submit souvenir invoices/bills to AYA for review & payment


Discuss wine & beer choices

  • AYA website: online registration, reunion schedules & other information posted
  • Faculty lecturer & “Morning at Yale” speaker invitations
  • 1st registration packets mailed by mid-month.
  • Begin processing reunion registrations & payments.
  • Website attendance lists automatically updated as registrations are processed


  • March 11: Deadline for 2nd registration post card text for. mailing/emailing in mid-April.
  • Begin attendance phone-a-thons or other attendance-building efforts (if not earlier)
  • Yale Alumni Magazine deadline for class notes in May/June is March 10.
  • Updates on class program for AYA Web site


  • Wine & beer coordination with Catering
  • Yale Police & Security arrangements
  • Update AYA Web site with Friday Lecture and Morning at Yale activities as they are confirmed


  • Memorial service program (optional)
  • Discuss class dinner program with class secretary & reunion gift chair
  • Discuss & reserve media equipment for class panels, memorial services, entertainment, etc.
  • 2nd registration post cards mailed in mid-April
  • Arrange transportation for all alumni & class outings
  • Update AYA Web site with Friday Lecture and Morning at Yale activities as they are confirmed.


  • All final program details due May 5
  • Class dinner head table arrangements
  • Class dinner printed program text (if applicable)
  • Yale Alumni Magazine deadline for class notes & reunion report in July/August issue is May 5 – AYA will supply magazine directly with final attendance #s and lists.
  • Finalize arrangements for class programs and meals, media needs (including presentations on laptops), table arrangements, student clerk tasks, speaker arrangements.


  • Student “regular” clerk hiring & training
  • Coordinate President Levin’s visits with each class
  • Final schedules – proofing & printing
  • Organize headquarters materials
  • AYA staff training
  • Print memorial service programs with up-to-date in memoriam lists
  • Print class dinner programs (if applicable)
  • Speaker confirmations, including staffing by AYA & Development colleagues
  • Confirmation of Whiff & Whim groups for Celebration of Yale Singing
  • Final meal counts to Catering

Reunion Weekend

Reunion chair will serve as “host,” including:

  • Making necessary announcements
  • Serving as “MC” for class dinner (or appoint a classmate to this role)
  • Having fun!


An AYA staff person will be onsite with your reunion; this may or may not be your staff liaison. Duties include the following:

  • Serve as main point of contact for reunion chair
  • Supervise headquarters registration office & student staff
  • Manage all event details
  • Coordinate with Custodial Services regarding campus housing
  • Coordinate with Catering regarding meals & bar service
  • Troubleshooting