Role of the Reunion Chair

How do reunions get put together?  What does the AYA do, and what do chairs do?  Here, in a nutshell, are the answers:


The AYA is responsible for:

  • The “big picture”: balancing the needs of 13 classes and 7,000 guests, including hundreds of children
  • Overseeing relationships with Yale partners & non-Yale vendors
  • Designing & implementing programs for all alumni
  • Hiring and training 15 head clerks and about 95 student clerks
  • Providing staff for your reunion - You should understand that while you will be working with your staff liaison through the year, it is quite likely that your AYA liaison will not be staffing your class reunion headquarters.  Other professional AYA colleagues will be trained to staff your headquarters and help manage your reunion during the weekend itself. Each staff person gets a complete briefing from one of us and we will try to arrange a meeting for you just before reunion to make the transition.
  • Managing all “backstage” operations – Just to give you one example: Jessica and Janene are the friendly voices on the other end of our “reunion hotline.”  They field calls of a general nature – “I need to cancel my wife’s reservation” or “Can you please tell me where to park?” – while Jessica is in charge of coordinating everything having to do with special dietary, housing and transportation needs.


Reunion Chairs are responsible for:

  • Organizing reunion committee
  • Serving as point person to the AYA to ensure that we are communicating fully about what you and your committee would like to do
  • Coordinating reunion financing with class officers so that they are in agreement about the use of treasury funds as a reunion subsidy
  • Communicating with classmates about the reunion
  • Recruiting and supporting an attendance chair
  • Planning class-specific programs, souvenirs, and meals
  • Serving as primary “host” during reunion weekend – While we are in headquarters registering people and answering questions, we want you to enjoy spending time with your classmates and setting the tone for the weekend.