Hidden Handsome Dan in situ
This Hidden Handsome Dan was found by Tom Murray ’89

This year at Yale College Reunions, alumni and guests once again unleashed their inner sleuths to uncover miniature mascots hidden throughout campus. 

Introduced to Yale College Reunions for the first time last year, these Hidden Handsome Dans are quickly becoming a new tradition while transforming the campus into a playground for eager treasure hunters. 

This year, 200 tiny bulldogs were hidden across campus throughout both reunion weekends to be found by some of the over 4,800 alumni in attendance. These pint-sized Dans were tucked away in ivy-covered archways, iconic landmarks, and picturesque corners, challenging participants to channel their inner detectives.

“It’s been incredibly heartwarming to see alumni light up with excitement as they discover the Hidden Handsome Dans,” said Max Claman, Director of Yale College Reunions. “The joy and nostalgia these little bulldogs bring to our reunions is truly special.”

After discovering a Hidden Handsome Dan, alumni shared their favorite parts of the reunions when registering their figure for exclusive content:

Hidden Handsome Dan 2024

Paul Escobar ’89

“It's been fun finding little Handsome Dans... and sending children of classmates to go find them too!”

Hidden Handsome Dan 2024

Elizabeth Terry ’94

“My favorite part of reunions is the special feeling of being back on the beautiful campus with so many of the people who knew us when. You can't get it anywhere else than every 5 years at reunion.”

Hidden Handsome Dan 2024

Tori Hass-Mitchell ’19

“Obviously I have enjoyed seeing all my college friends, but generally the meals have been really great as well.”

Hidden Handsome Dan 2024

Phoebe (a future Yale alum)

“My favorite part of being here was finding this dog!!!”

Hidden Handsome Dan 2024

Deron Quon ’94

“I have enjoyed showing my family around the Yale campus.”

Hidden Handsome Dan 2024

Arthur Rosecan ’79

“My Dan was Handsomely hidden in a tree in the courtyard of Pierson College. This weekend I have enjoyed speaking with classmates and their significant others at 7Y9 events.”

Hidden Handsome Dan 2024

Devin Ringger ’09

“The long walks with old friends in between favorite food places have been so memorable.”

Those who registered their found bulldogs were rewarded with an exclusive digital smartphone wallpaper and a DIY Handsome Dan paper toy.

So, next time you find yourself at Yale College Reunions, keep your eyes peeled and your spirit of adventure alive — you never know where the next Hidden Handsome Dan might be waiting to surprise you!


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