Volunteer Resources Yale College Class Officers Toolkit


Class affiliation is a meaningful connection for many Yale College alumni, and class leadership is critical to building that sense of identity, through communications, events, and programs for classmates. We've provided tools and resources here to support you in this work. Please contact your YAA staff liaison for more information.

Governance & Elections

  • Class Officer Roles & Responsibilities

    Class officers serve five-year terms that correspond to your class's reunion cycle. These guidelines outline the typical duties for class officers. In addition, each class may establish specific roles and responsibilities for class officers in its by-laws.

  • Class Council Responsibilities

    Forming a class council or executive committee is a way to broaden the leadership for the class. Your YAA staff liaison can work with you on finding an approach that works for your class.

    Class councils may:

    1. Share the work of governing the class and its activities.

    2. Provide decision-making input to the class officers.

  • Class Constitution

    Every class has a constitution, as required by the university’s tax-exempt status and being recognized as a 501(c)3 organization.

    Contact your YAA staff liaison for a copy of your class's constitution and by-laws (if applicable).

  • Elections in a Reunion Year

    There are several mechanisms used by classes to elect new class officers:

    1. Conduct class-wide elections by mail/email.

    2. Select officers by vote of the class council or executive committee or nominating committee.

    Regardless of the method used, new officers are typically announced at the Class Dinner during Reunion and begin their service on July 1 for a five-year term.


  • Classmate Contact Information

    The Online Alumni Directory provides contact information for individual classmates.

    • Lists of classmate contact information are available ONLY for class and university purposes and may not be posted on the Internet without password protection and are not allowed to be stored in the Cloud.

    • Information must not be used for purposes of: politics, fundraising, research, or non-Yale publicity.

    • Please review the Confidentiality Policy for Volunteers in the Communications Tools section.

    For more information and to request an electronic spreadsheet, contact your YAA staff liaison. Please plan on 5-7 business days for these requests.