AYA-Redpath Speakers Program

The AYA-Redpath Speakers Program sends current Yale faculty and administrators to speak to alumni at Yale Club luncheons, receptions, annual dinners and other special events. We look forward to working with you to find the right speaker for your needs.  We are very pleased to have support from the Robert U. Redpath Jr. ’28 Fund to make this important program possible.

How the Program Works

Each Yale Club is entitled to one subsidized speaker from Yale each academic year (July 1 to June 30). The AYA books and pays for all travel and accommodation arrangements, and handles all accounting and speaker reimbursements. In return, the Yale Club remits a flat fee of $300 to the AYA. (If the speaker does not need an overnight stay, the Club or Association simply pays any costs incurred for the speaker’s travel, up to $300.)

Suggested Speakers and Topics

The AYA furnishes over 100 speakers each year to alumni groups, and we can recommend any of the speakers on this list with confidence. Remember that Yale has many charismatic faculty and administrators who may not be well known to all alumni.


Requesting a Speaker

Contact the AYA Club Relations Officer responsible for your Yale Club to request a speaker.

  • Please give us your request at least three to four months in advance. There is no such thing as too early! Three months is generally the minimum amount of time needed for us to find a speaker that fits your needs, and for you to properly publicize the event.
  • Requests for speakers in broad categories or academic departments — e.g. history, literature, medicine, etc. — are preferable to those for a specific person. If you do have specific people in mind, please give us a list of pre-approved names you’re authorizing us to approach.
  • Please give us your pre-approval for either some specific dates (e.g. “February 11 or 18’) or a range of dates (something along the lines of “any Tuesday or Wednesday in May” — or “any weeknight between August 26 and September 19 except for Labor Day”, etc.). This way, once we’re able to match up one of the speakers you’ve approved with one of the dates you’ve approved, we can immediately confirm the engagement without needing to go through another round of dialogue. We will then work with you to plan the speaker’s visit and itinerary in detail.

Minimum Audience Size

We ask that you guarantee a minimum attendance of 30 people for any event with an AYA-provided speaker. If you feel you might not be able to meet this minimum, consider broadening your invitation list to include members of other local Ivy League alumni associations. (Before you extend an invitation to outside groups, however, please let the AYA know, as we must first receive approval from the speaker.)

Additional Speaker Requests

After one speaker visit is arranged for your Yale Club or Association within a given academic year (July 1 to June 30), any additional Yale speakers you request will be arranged on a non-subsidized basis. This means that your Club or Association will bear the full cost of the visit, including transportation, accommodations, meals and any other expenses incurred.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the AYA Club Relations Officer who handles your Club or Association. We look forward to helping you with your programming for this year!