AYA Board of Governors


The AYA Board of Governors (BOG) sets the direction and goals for the Assembly delegation and the Association. This leadership body of the AYA is comprised of eighteen members elected by the delegates from their number, six members appointed by the Board from the full alumni body, five officers (chair, vice-chair, three executive officers), and six ex-officiis members. Please see the Members and Members' Bios pages for more information on the current Board. The committee structure of the Board is set within the framework of the AYA Constitution.

The Board typically meets four times each year to discuss alumni programs and initiatives, hear reports from the university administration, and advance the work of the Board and its committees. The Board and its committees are responsible for the nomination of candidates for election as Alumni Fellow to the Yale Corporation and for the selection of recipients of the Yale Medal, the Lamar Award for Yale faculty members, and the AYA Board of Governors Excellence Awards.