Name Role Address Term
Chair Portland, OR 2022-2024
Vice Chair Roslindale, MA 2022-2024
Executive Officer Philadelphia, PA 2022-2023
Executive Officer Port Chester, NY 2022-2023
Executive Officer East Providence, RI 2022-2023
Board Member New Haven, CT 2022-2025
Board Member Falls Church, VA 2022-2025
Board Member Richmond, VA 2022-2025
Board Member Lexington, MA 2020-2023
Board Member Beacon, NY 2021-2024
Board Member New York, NY 2021-2024
Board Member Long Island City, NY 2022-2025
Board Member Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 2020-2023
Stephan Davis '16 DNP
Board Member Washington, DC 2022-2025
Board Member Denver, CO 2020-2023
Board Member Belgrade, ME 2020-2023
Board Member Zurich, Switzerland 2021-2024
Board Member New York, NY 2022-2023
Board Member Seoul 06583, South Korea 2022-2025
Board Member Simi Valley, CA 2021-2024
Board Member Seattle, WA 2022-2025
Board Member Chicago, IL 2021-2024
Board Member Chevy Chase, MD 2022-2023
Board Member San Francisco, CA 2021-2024
Board Member Reston, VA 2021-2024
Board Member Rye, NY 2020-2023
Board Member Midlevels, Hong Kong SAR China 2020-2023
Board Member New Haven, CT 2022-2025
Joshua Bekenstein
Ex-Officio Member Boston, MA 2018-
Leleda Beraki
Ex-Officio Member Round Hill, VA 2022-2023
Ex-Officio Member Greenville, SC 2022-2024
Roger Lee
Ex-Officio Member Menlo Park, CA 2022-2023
Ex-Officio Member San Francisco, CA 2021-
Rich Roberts
Ex-Officio Member New York, NY 2022-2024

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