Surveying your Members

If you haven't done a self-study in a while, now is the time to do so. Your club's roster can provide a wealth of demographic information, helping you decide where you should focus your energies. Member surveys don't even have to be mailed. One great way of reaching your members is to simply have a stack available at your next event.


What to ask

Your membership survey does not have to be complex. Your goal is to find out who your members are and what kind of activities they enjoy.

Ask for contact information, (request email addresses, for an inexpensive way to promote events); include a list of activities that your members can choose from; ask for volunteers--this is a great opportunity to find out who would like to be involved.


Sample Surveys


Sample Activities Survey

Which of the following activities would you like to participate in?

___ Admissions/Alumni Schools committee (interviewing Yale applicants)
___ Scholarships and book awards
___ Community Service Summer Fellowship Program in '03
___ Faculty Lectures
___ Yale singing and performance groups
___ Discussion/Book Groups
___ Yale Athletics (football game/tailgates or hockey games)
___ Golf/tennis outings
___ Career counseling/mentoring for alumni and current students
___ Club web site
___ Social events for recent graduates
___ Social events for young families
___ Other: