Inviting Student Singing Groups

Yale has dozens of musical performance groups. The 18 close-harmony a cappella student singing groups (listed here) are the ones most often seen by Yale Clubs, since most of them do concert tours throughout the year.

At the beginning of each academic year, the AYA meets with the business managers of all student singing groups. This meeting allows us to speak with the groups about the AYA, the role of students as ambassadors of the University, and how they should make direct contact with a Club President regarding an event. We encourage each group to coordinate travel among themselves and with the Clubs within any region to which they plan to travel. 


Advice for Yale Clubs wishing to host a singing group

  • To host a concert, contact the business manager of the singing group directly.
  • To host a concert for a group that plans to visit several Clubs in your area, we ask that you contact the appropriate Club President to coordinate concert schedules or to inquire about being included in invitations to performances in neighboring Club territories.
  • As mentioned above, the singing group business managers know that they can also contact you if they would like to organize a performance in your area.
  • For those of you who have not yet worked with a singing group, you will need to negotiate contract terms directly with its business manager. The terms may vary depending upon the availability of other concerts in your area, your ability to provide housing and/or meals, and your commitment to selling tickets to performances.
  • Please be sure that you understand what commitments you are making on behalf of your Club. The singing groups depend on your ability to provide whatever has been agreed upon.


If you have any questions about working with Yale student singing groups, please feel free to contact the AYA Club Relations Officer assigned to your region.