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Account Details

To receive a new account for an organization or access an organization’s existing account, webmasters must obtain permission from the relevant class officer or club president. The class officer or club president must email Janice Murphy-Wallace at the AYA.

Default Account Size: 75mb (more space is available on an as-needed basis)

To access your account on our server, you will need to use an ftp program that uses the SSH protocol. The AYA has software available for both mac and pc here.



  • Each group must have a designated contact person who will be responsible for maintaining the website and serve as a liaison between their constituency and Will Cowen, the AYA contact. A contact email address must be posted on the site.
  • If a group wishes to include private information about their members (including, but not limited to, names, addresses, other contact information, Class Notes intended for publication in the Yale Alumni Magazine, etc.), this must be done on a password-protected page. Instructions for password protecting a directory are available here.
  • All users are expected to read and abide by the regulations of the Yale Information Technology Services. This information is available on-line at http://www.yale.edu/policy.
  • The AYA and Yale University do not endorse and are not responsible for the content of the alumni websites. A disclaimer attesting to this must appear on every class and club homepage.

    e.g.: Yale University and the AYA do not endorse and are not responsible for the content of this website.

  • The AYA will maintain a page of links to all class and club accounts. Each group should provide a link to the AYA website (http://www.aya.yale.edu) on their website.


Domain Names

Classes and clubs have three address options.

  1. The domain name www2.aya.yale.edu
  2. In addition, the server's hostname alumni.yale.edu will provide you
    with web addresses such as:
    • alumninet.yale.edu/clubs/your_account (e.g.,alumni.yale.edu/clubs/detroit)
    • alumninet.yale.edu/classes/your_account
      (e.g. alumninet.yale.edu/classes/1989)
  3. The AYA has also registered the domain names yaleclasses.org and
    yaleclubs.org for your use.

These domains will work with any class and club accounts on the server.
For example, a class website address could look like
www.yaleclasses.org/yc1979. A club website could look like

Groups may also purchase their own domain names and direct them to their accounts on our server, however, due to Yale ITS policies, these domain names cannot use Yale’s DNS servers.



Images from OPA

For Yale-related images for your site, you are welcome to check out the Office of Public Affairs Online Image Database. If you use an image, please be sure to credit Michael Marsland/Yale

To request an image at a higher resolution (300 dpi for print, for example), please send an email with the image name, along with height or width if applicable to opa.photo@yale.edu.

Yale Shields

Yale's RIS department has the following sets of graphics available. To obtain these graphics for use on Yale alumni organization websites, please contact janice.wallace@yale.edu.

  • Yale University Shields
  • Yale residential college shields
  • Graduate and Profesional School Shields



Webmasters are now able to control password protection for their own sites. Information is available at www.aya.yale.edu/online/htaccess.htm.


The new web server has perl, php, and mysql installed. Requests

Cgi scripts must be placed in a cgi-bin directory in your account.

We also have a standard cgi script available for sending form data over email. Details will be available soon, for now, please contact Janice Murphy-Wallace, janice.wallace@yale.edu.


Secure FTP

You will need to use file transfer software that use the SSH protocol to connect to the Yale server. The AYA has made software available to class and club webmasters.



You can download a copy of the software as well as instructions for configuring your new ftp client. Software is available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. (Right-click or click and hold and select "Save Target As..." to download documentation)

Macintosh Windows
Documentation Documentation
Software for Mac (Classic) Software
Software for Mac (Carbon)  


If you have any questions regarding this process, you may contact janice.wallace@yale.edu.

Thank you for taking the time to make these changes and for your ongoing work on your website. We appreciate your efforts and wish you the best with your web work.