YAA Pep Rally 2022

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A Virtual Celebration

This year, the third annual YAA Pep Rally and virtual Yale Alumni Village celebrates all Fall athletics at Yale. Check out instant replays, interactive Instagram effects, and more from last year.  

It's more than just football...

Each year, Yale and Harvard compete for bragging rights in a football rivalry dating back to 1875. As the second-oldest rivalry in college football, the Yale vs. Harvard game is more than just a football game. It’s The Game. For many alumni, it’s also a chance to reconnect and reaffirm friendships forged decades ago. Whether joining in person or attending one of the many viewing parties, alumni from across the globe come together each year to celebrate The Game to cheer on Yale.  

This year, the 138th game is on and we are ready to celebrate all things Yale!

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Fans at Yale Bowl
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Virtual Alumni Village

Thank you for joining us at the virtual Alumni Village on Gatherly! We loved connecting with those of you who were watching remotely this year. 

Game Day from the Sidelines
  • Instant Replay

Game Day from the Sidelines

Check out our coverage of Game Day 2021 live from the sidelines. Only on Instagram!

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