Sample Mission Statements

YC Chapel Hill To assist Yale, as best we are able, to remain one of the great universities in the world. To assist North Carolinians in obtaining a Yale education. To provide for Yale graduates a measure of the Yale culture of fellowship, learning, service and enjoyment of life.
Yale Club of Chicago

The Yale Club of Chicago is dedicated to the promotion of the welfare of Yale University, the preservation of its traditions of excellence in education and service, and the advancement of its stature in the Chicago area. The Club also seeks to connect Yale graduates, Yale students, and their parents in the greater Chicago metropolitan area with each other and the University.

The Club believes that an active local alumni association, including graduates of the college, graduate, and professional schools, is the primary instrument by which to advance these principles. The purpose of the Club shall be exclusively educational and charitable. More.

Yale Club of Kentucky To provide a means for the local alumni to connect to each other and to keep them updated on Yale; to interview prospective students
Yale Club of New Haven The mission of the Yale Club of New Haven is to promote a constructive dialogue among the Univeresity, its alumni and the greater New Haven Community, to provide undergraduate and graduate financial aid and to assist Yale in attracting the most talented students to the University.
YC Dallas facilitate awareness of Yale in local community and promote interaction among Yale graduates
YC Treasure Coast In general, the Club provides a Yale presence in the Treasure Coast area, helps alumni/ae (hereinafter referred to as "alumni") keep in touch with Yale, and helps Yale keep in touch with her alumni
1.) To sponsor events that provide an opportunity for Yale alumni to meet one another; to keep all alumni in the Treasure Coast area informed about Yale; and to inform Yale about local alumni concerns and opinions.
2.) To sustain the activities of the Club's Alumni Schools Committee in identifying, interviewing, and recruiting qualified candidates for Yale, and to help persuade admitted candidates to attend Yale.
3.) To provide funding for a Yale scholaship program, which is to be administered by the Board of Directors of the Yale Club of the Treasure Coast.
4.) To provide the means for the selection of a Club representative to the Association of Yale Alumni who will serve as a channel for opinion and information both to and from the Univeresity.
5.) To provide a hospitable atmosphere for students and their parents prior to matriculation at Yale and thorughout their years of study at Yale.
YC of Gainesville Advance the interest, influence and reputation of Yale/cultivate friendship/forster a closer relationship/encourage and aid in the enrollment of qualified students
Colorado Yale Association Foster sense of Yale community/provide interesting activities
YC Southern California (LA) To quote from "Spinal Tap" - have a good time, all the time. Seriously, having fun events is a major mission. Informative and educational events. Reconnecting people to Yale and fellow Yalies. Networking. Trying to give back to the Yale and local communities. To some extent, helping promote Yale locally.