Undergraduate Elections

Undergraduate Elections

Delegate Elections: Classes of 2020 & 2021

Regulations for Conduct of Campaigns and Elections

Candidacy Form

Are you interested in meeting Yale alumni? Would you like to represent your class? Do you have ideas or opinions about how alumni and students can work together?

Then you should run for Junior Class Delegate to the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA)!  Duties include:

  • Attending the AYA Assembly in November and reporting back to the Class on important University issues
  • Serving on AYA committees relevant to undergraduate life and student-alumni relations
  • Other projects as appropriate

To find out more, attend one of two information sessions: Thursday, February 15th and Tuesday, February 20th at 4pm at Rose Alumni House, 232 York St (next to Pierson).


Senior Class Officer Elections: Class of 2019

Regulations for Conduct of Campaigns and Elections Class of 2019

Candidacy Form for Class of 2019

The duties during senior year include:

  • Organization of a Class Council
  • Planning events (previous events have included a tailgate, a trip to Mohegan Sun, a Super Bowl Party, open house at the Art Gallery, Pizza Study Break, Bar Nights, and the Masquerade Ball, among other things)
  • Organizing Senior Week events
  • Producing and selling Class gear
  • Monitoring the Class treasury
  • Working with Dean Hannah Peck and the Yale College Dean’s Office
  • Class Secretary serves as an ex-officio member of the Association of Yale Alumni Board of Governors

After graduation, the duties include:

  • Writing Class notes – the exciting goings on of your fellow Class of 2019 alumni – six times a year for the Yale Alumni Magazine (Secretary)
  • Keeping the Class treasury healthy by writing text for several dues emails and letters. (Treasurer)
  • Organizing and monitoring Class events with the assistance of the Association of Yale Alumni (regional, reunions, tailgates etc).

If you’re interested in running for Class Secretary or Class Treasurer, there are two information sessions:  Thursday, February 15th and Tuesday, February 20th 4 PM at Rose Alumni House, 232 York St. (next to Pierson). If you’re interested in running but not able to attend, please contact Jeannie Daniel at the AYA (jeannie.daniel@yale.edu) and she’ll get you up to speed.