Create with IMPACT

Making an IMPACT

Creative work is powerful work – the pieces we read, listen to, watch, and interact with help to shape the way we understand and experience the world. As Yale and Yalies continue our push for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), creative work has an especially vital role to play in breaking down preconceptions, building new narratives, and connecting us to each other.

Join the Yale Alumni Association for Create with IMPACT, a virtual series (videos below and also available via our on-demand showcase) that celebrates Yale alumni creators whose work does this and more. Create with IMPACT showcases the excellence and innovation of diverse backgrounds, highlights the work of these remarkable alums, and provides insight into their creative process.

This newest entry in the Yale Alumni Association’s IMPACT series builds on the 2019 IMPACT Conference and 2021 virtual event series, both of which featured alumni thought leaders from all walks of life addressing ways that Yale and Yalies can lead the way in embracing and advocating for DEI. Create with IMPACT turns this conversation into an experience that brings words, music, and more to the Yale alumni community and invites you to explore creative work and the impact it has on your life.


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